Sunday, April 5, 2009

my feeling before study week....

Assalammualaikum. Now I want to share my feeling about my study. I just have one week before study week. I am very scared because after this I have final exam and I must do the best for my final exam. I want get good result and increase my CGPA.

I almost finish do test for all subject and I so sad because I not do all the best. I so scare about my mark for the subject. For subject QMT, I don’t get good mark for test one and I will do for test two. The question for test two is so uneasy and all my friend say like that because the question difficult to understand but I try do although the question uneasy. I hope I can do the entire question for final exam.

Besides that, for subject business communication, I not have test but I have meeting and do the report. I will do all the assignment and the assignment I do by group. For the meeting, I do by group and my group members are Sal, Nik, Ernie, Ain, Zierah and Azie. For the first meeting, I cannot talk very well because I feel so shy and I don’t get point to talk. At first meeting, my friend always angry to me and all my group members because we all not have point to talk. For me, she not can do it to me and all my friend because we are not practices anything. For the second meeting, I do the best and I so happy because I can talk.

For the subject mandarin, I not have final exam but I have test speaking, test listening, writing and quiz. Besides that, I have final project and I do sketch by group. All the assignment I will do. I get good mark for all quizzes. I like my lecturer very much because his is a good lecturer and caring person. Now, I want talk about subject Eco. I feel so scared for this subject because I don’t want repeat again. I must try all the best and study hard for get good result.

Another subject I take is Bel, this subject I have a final exam. Besides that, I do first draft and I get not good result. I so sad but Sir Izuan give me change, his want me do the first draft by the pair and we all so happy because we can try do the best and get good mark. I hope I and my partner can do the best. For the subject CTU, I will do presentation. Besides that, I have quiz and test but CTU just have one test. For test one, it can do at Wednesday morning but I not finish study for this subject. I must do the best for this test and get good mark. You all want know something, we all cannot look any paper when doing our presentation so we all must memorize all the point. I am so tired to memorize all the point.

That all for this time, this sem I feel so tired and stress because many assignment final project. I am feel thankful because I can finish all the assignment although many problem to do it all the assignment.

Love to life.
This song is about life in happen from someone. The girl loves someone very much and they are promise to live together. Besides that, this girl not find different boy because her very believe to the boy.

My heart.
This song is about heart the one boy. The boy have girlfriend but the girlfriend nor really love him and the sometimes the girl not honestly but the boy is so caring with the girl although the girl lie him and lastly the girl love her. This because the boy is a caring and have an honestly heart.

Life must be happy always.
All people must happy always to their life, so this song is about life must beautiful and happening. People must enjoy their life and do the benefit state. Besides that, these songs do the life for someone is happy and enjoy especially for people that break up in their love.

You and I.
This song is about one boy and one girl. They are a couple and always together and always happy in their life. Not any people can backstop in their relationship. They are hope can marriage and happy together.

My crush
This song is about two friends, a girl and a guy. The girl has feeling to his but a guy not knows. One day, a girl to know a guy have girlfriend and a girl so sad.

Life is so difficult
This song about a guy, their life is so difficult because his is poor but his still have strong spirit.

I must forget about you.
This song about a girl want forget about their ex-boyfriend because her know her boyfriend have new girl and her decide to forget a boy.

One day
This song is about a guy telling to a girl about their feeling and his want a girl become to their life.

This song about she’s boyfriend. She love her boyfriend so much and always happy together.

Make me crazy
This song telling about he crazy to one girl. He like a girl so much but a girl not knows.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I hate ghost! Many people have experience for the ghost story and I have own experience about that. Now, I want to share ghost story at UiTM Segamat. I now every campus have story about ghost and student must know from their senior but different with me because my senior not talk that, maybe they are scare.
The next semester, my roommate study for final exam until 3 am, after she finished their study she hears one sound and the sound like voice woman to call him. But she still thinks positive and says that my sound. Tomorrow morning, she asks me I call him to night but I say no because I was sleeping. After I say that, she smile and I know what the meaning and you all must know what the meaning right?
Now, I already in semester three, this semester I heard many horror stories from my friend and my friend heard the stories from her senior. I so scare but I still want heard the story. You want to know the story? Let me start the story. The senior say at college Intan have a ghost! That is my college, but the story will be happen at wing three and that is my friend wing.
My friend say the room at behind her room saw ‘pocong’ but we are calling the ghost is ‘gula-gula’ at the front the mirror and she not sees their face. She says the ghost is high and white cloth. At the same room, her roommate open the door and saw her member sleep with the ghost. Oh God! I know what her feeling time that because time I 12 years old, I saw the ghost at my room and I so scare. At that time, I not open the light and when I enter my room I saw the ghost behind my bed.
I and my friend sleep together because we are so scare. Besides that, every day I close the mirror.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh love
What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. To some love is friendship set in on fire for others maybe love is very luck. No matter how we define it or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind. For me, love makes me and all people feel happy and blissful. Besides that, love is very beautiful but sometimes makes people crazy. We want love to be happy, safe, healthy and we want them to feel good in all ways, physically and mentally. So, we must choose someone who will never break your heart.
I also have my own characteristic of my dream guy. First, my dream guy must be honestly. I don’t like my guy lie me when he do everything so he must honestly with me. It can make me hate a guy like that. When he honestly, it can make I trust his and we can share our joy and sorrow. Then, the guy must understand so the easy word understands each other.
Besides that, a guy must caring person because he can care to me. When we married, he is to be leader to my family. A guy must respect my family, especially my parents. It is very important to me.
Other than that, he also must have a good personality and smart person. It is very important thing because from that we can know who he is. I don’t like if the guy dowdy clothes. From that, we can judge person by their personality. I did not my husband is dowdy person so I must choose a right guy.
The characteristic that I like is the guy should be aromatic person. This characteristic that every girl want. It is can make me very happy. Besides that, the guy must friendly and happy go lucky person, it can make my life happy always. Then, the guy has a good job because it can make our life more easily in the future. It can make me proud with him.
If you want somebody to love you, then just be yourself. Some people try to act like somebody else, somebody the boy likes better. I think the boy isn’t being very good if he does this to you and you should just find a nicer boy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

me, ogie, kak fify

My roommate

This sem, I get a same room and same college. But before I register the new sem, I get one letter from UPK from UITM Segamat. When I open the letter, I very sad because I don’t get college and the reason is I not active for Activity College. But, after two weeks I get college Intan and number of my room number is I214B. I am so happy because I still get same room mate and same room. My room mate is Fauziah Bee bte Yassin, Nun Rahima bte Jamil and Norhafizah bte Md Yusof.
Now, I want introduce my first room mate is Norhafiza bte Md Yusof. She takes Business Study and my senior. She from Johor Bahru and she have two siblings. I and my room mate call her “Kak Fify”. She is very cute person and study hard. Besides that, her result very good and sometimes I so shy with her because I not good. When I not understand with my study, I always ask her and she teach me because she is my senior. You want know something? Actually she is funny person and I like to be her friend. I hope next sem I get same room.
My second room mate is Nur Rahima bte Jamil and we all call her “Neno”. I don’t know why her nick name is “Neno”. She from Johor Bahru same with my first room mate. She’s taken Diploma in Baking and this semester is the last semester for her because she already in part six rights now. I had become her room mate since part 2 and part 3. She is very good when she speaking in English and I proud with her. First time I come in the room, I am not talk too much because I not really know she and sometimes her face look so fierce and snobbish. After one sem I room mate with her, she is okay and sometimes she is talkative person. She only has two siblings and she is the last one. Sometimes, she looks childish and funny. Next, I want introduce my third room mate is Fauziah Bee bte Yassin. I called her as “ogie’. She is from Negeri Sembilan and she has six siblings. Actually, I really know her because before this she takes Pre commerce at UITM Jengka Pahang and we are same college. When I transfer at UITM Segamat, I very shock because I still see her and now we are get a same room. I am very happy because I have friend to talk, gossip, and watching movie. She is friendly and talkative person. Sometimes she likes smile and funny person. Besides that, she always bad mood and I don’t know why her become bad mood. When she bad mood, I very tension because she not to talk and always silently. I think she must change her attitude.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My classmates

My classmates

Zierah- She is my best friend and we always together. Her face look fierce but actually she is funny person

Azierah- She is my best friend and her face look so fierce but actually she is okay. At
class she is quiet person.

Lin- She is funny person and easy to make friend.

Sue- She is nice person.

Salbiah- She like smile and talkative person.

Nik- Before this she had become a class rap. She looks sweat.

Farah- Her face looks so cute.

Apex- She have own style.

Zaty- She is very cute.

Ain- Funny and talkative person.

Ernie- She is very shy and always smiles.

Huda- Her face looks so fierce but she is okay.

Shila- She is a shy and silent person.

Shidah- She is a serious person and class rap girlfriend.

Khalid- He is my class rap.

Muin- Her face looks fierce and snobbish.

Asraf- I not really know about him because this sem I same class with him but I think
his okay.

Salwa- She is a pretty girl and she has twins. Her face looks same but actually has

Radhiyah- She is twins Salwa and same with Salwa.

Farah Irma- I like her hair.

Aiza- I think her okay because I not really know him.

Atikah- I don’t know what to say about her.
Amirul- He is my new classmate because his transfer from UITM Terengganu.

Azhar- His face look cute and funny person.

Nasri- His face looks fierce and serious.

Nizam- He is a silent person.

Kent- She is a sweet person and I like friendship with her.

Raja- Raja is close with kent.

Farahin- She’s cool.

Faezah- I am not close with her in class so I don’t now know how to describe her actually.

10 facts about myself

10 facts about myself

I like blue colour because for me blue colour is beautiful and give me peace. My dreaming, I want my wedding clothe is blue colour.

I like to eat vanilla ice cream and I like to eat since I was small. It is because ice cream vanilla is a very delicious desert.

I like cat and at home I have two cats. When I boring, I was talking to my cat and sometimes my cats like listen what I say.

I like reading, reading and reading. Especially I like reading novel and comic and sometimes it make me sad and story from comic is funny. When I read comic, I can finish read the book faster but then I read the novel that will take time and actually I don’t care.

I don’t like spicy food because I have gastric so I can not enjoy my food but I still eat that kind of food.

I like to watch Korean movie because their actor and actress were good looking. It will attract me to watching the movie if the actor and actress are good looking.

I am quiet person. I just talkative when the people talkative same with me because actually I very shy.

I don’t like people cheat me and especially if my friend cheats me. Example she was make good in front me but my back she told not correct about me.

I don’t like worm because it’s look flaccid.

I like people do the work fast. Especially my friend must do the work faster and I don’t like my friend do the work slowly.